Tunisian Fallaga Team

Message for World :

to whole the world we are not legion we are a team and we deface about islam and we are ready at any time to deface our religion.. Fuck Israel And You Admin we are not afraid of you ! To Israel You will me deleted from this world incha allah soon as we can !

Tunisian Fallaga Team

رسالة إلى العالم و خصوصا الصهاينة نحن هنا للدفاع عن الإسلام و عن ديننا لذالك لا تقوموا بالخطأ وتحركوا غضبنا , إنشاءالله سنكون في المكان و الزمان للهجوم التدمير و الإختراق نطلي فقط عدم تشويه ديننا و إلا فلن نرحمكم !!


About Defacers

Defacers Name :

Anonymous ElecTRonic AraBian FoRce

Special Skills :

Hacking Servers & Site Hacking & Designing & Programming

Slogan :

We Are Anonymous , We are legion ,We don't forgive

We don't forget ,Expect us

| paGe Anonymous ElecTRonic AraBian FoRce |

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Greetez to : Fallag "Nightmare" \!/ Fallag Hamza \!/ Jow

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